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As we celebrated women’s day, did you also feel the presence of that familiar elephant in the room? Amidst the din of celebration and wishes, there was that noise in the corner of our minds that went- equality, equality, equality. The further we go in our fight for equality, the more it widens our eyes to the fact that we do not have a ground under our feet to leap and strike. From fighting to survive as an infant, to fighting to claim a position in the boardroom, women often do all of this feeling unsafe- like they’re always being…

Over the last last 12 months, we keenly observed how people expect a secondary number to work. A user desires privacy and protection from spam callers and SMSes, while not giving up the benefits of giving a mobile number to a business or app.

One such feature that ensures this happens and one that we are super-kicked about, is the Trusted Service feature. So, how does it work?

We integrate with popular merchants that are a part of your daily life and enable the control to receive or block calls from the merchant with a simple toggle.

As you may…

Lets start with this! What is Doosra

Doosra is a secondary number to give at places you’re worried will spam you later

This means you give a Doosra number wherever you are uncomfortable sharing your personal number.


Get an instant secondary number: Doosra is the fastest way to get a secondary mobile number: Sign-up on the website and in under 2 mins, you have a phone number that you can share with the world!

Avoid SIM fraud: Since Doosra is a virtual number, no one can pretend they’re you and perpetrate SIM fraud

Eliminate Spam Calls: Since Doosra blocks all…

Over the years, the mobile number has become synonymous with personal identity. Everywhere we shop, it is mandatory to provide it, in the guise of easily pulling up your customer record. In fact, companies like Decathalon goes as far as to refuse purchase if you don’t give your contact number. This extortion leads to behavioral profiling and rampant data monetization.

How many times have we thought?

HOW did that person or business get my mobile number?

We’re in this mess because our good, old telephone number works on the premise of “Intrude now and ask for forgiveness later” If a…

During our launch on 25th May, we published an article that gave the back-story of Doosra, a secondary mobile number service to give at places you’re worried might spam you later or circulate your number for others to spam.

We spent over 2 years refining and perfecting this product and released it with 5 core features:

  • Call Filter
  • Calls and Messages Log
  • Trusted Contacts
  • Trusted Services
  • Secure Call-back

In this article, we elaborate on one of them: Trusted Contacts

How does it work?

Doosra’s call filter automatically blocks all calls and shows them in the call log. However, if you add a certain caller…

As a serial entrepreneur I have pursued projects that have given me a deep sense of personal and professional satisfaction. In my decade long entrepreneurial journey, there was one factor that really underpinned these pursuits and that was my quest for respecting consumer privacy.

With Zippr, we were able to give personalized and smart addresses to consumers. The advantage was that a Zippr address masks their real address from inquisitive intruders and unwanted strangers. Taking a cue from that experience , I and my team set out to solve another major problem; the rampant misuse and abuse of one’s personal…


We are in the business of keeping people out of your business.

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